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The Work Never Ends...

It's been just over 2 years since Brent and our family's lives changed forever.

Learning to eat, sit up, brush his teeth and function, all over again were the initial challenges. Though functioning daily is still a challenge, the work Brent has put in over the last few years has made functioning so much easier.

We were able to get Brent his own van and he pasted his drivers test again! This is huge, it allows freedom! We were able to get him his track chair and modifications to other equipment so he can enjoy the sport of hunting like he always used to.

Twice a year we make a trip down to Texas to the Bachik Method so Brent's strengths and weaknesses can be put to the test. So Brent can put mind over matter and witness what his body is capable of. Travel, lodging and the therapy, all come at a cost.

On a weekly bases, Brent gets up and goes to land therapy, aqua therapy and his personal trainer to strengthen and tap into anything he can.

So many great things have come out of all these therapies! He walks on his knees in the water, he picks his kids up from school, he goes out and hunts on his own, he does so well at the cat/cow and we are starting to have him hold a variation of the plank to help tap into his core. He uses his power chair to stand on a daily bases to continue to feel weight into his feet. Since he can't feel his feet, the weight of his body helps give him feedback.

Besides his continual rehab Brent wants to use what happened to him to better those lives around him.  Brent has a purpose and he is ready to find it!

God knows good things are coming!



50% of each shirt sale the will be donated to Brent to aid in his recovery and to further the research in spinal cord injuries.  


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